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Wireless System

Application Solution for Wireless System
Our wireless system is developed using two way ZIGBEE chip, and the reliability of the lighting control system is firm. Dimming steps from 0 to 254 steps allow precise dimming control, providing stable lighting control for tenants. We can reduce the waste of electrical energy by applying our wireless products to a system that can be installed easily in existing office buildings. Please refer to the following for their application.
Living in a modern society, we are satisfied with the utility value under the shade of a smartphone, naturally acquiring the way of pursuing convenience, being tame to it and making a happy smile. But lighting control and smartphones do not match well. This is because it is not easy to install the device in order to build the lighting control.
This is because the new wiring must be laid and the control arrangement of the existing luminaire must be re-armed, and to do that, you must modify the strong line. It is that difficult

However, if a wireless dimming module is used, no major work is required. Simply install this wireless dimming module on the required luminaire to complete the construction.
For small offices or homes, the wireless dimming module is simple to install.
It is more convenient if the existing luminaire is led lighting. Wiring of existing strong lines can be disregarded. Turn off the LED lamp for a while from the ceiling and install the wireless dimming module on the secondary side of the strong line.
Then install the wireless gateway in the proper location and route the utp cable to the nearest pc. The wires installed in the ceiling are connected to the PC in the most suitable location, and installing scu in front of the pc will simplify the hardware installation.
As a simple schedule control is being executed, the small office is now automatically controlled by the lighting and, if necessary, monitored and remotely controlled by the smartphone to monitor the lighting conditions of the office or home from the home, Remote control is possible.
This makes it more convenient for smartphones.

The installation of wireless dimming modules for underground parking lights can maximize the effect of energy savings.
Most underground parking lights are always on. If someone does not intentionally manage daily, they should always be on. In most modern parking lots, the proportion of power consumed by the luminaire is increasing. To compensate, the lighting control system should be applied However, it is a reality that the construction is difficult and the wiring work has to be done again The best way to solve this problem is to install a wireless system. Install a room sensor on the moving line of vehicles and people, and install a wireless dimming module on each LED luminaire. Our wireless dimming module is equipped with a room sensor, so you do not need to install a separate room detector. The control program can be set in such a manner that the lamp is turned on in advance with the moving line of the vehicle and the light is passed through when the vehicle passes by setting a slight delay time. LED lighting can easily control dimming. When turned on, it lights up 100%, and when turned off, it can also set the FADE to reduce the brightness of the stand by time difference. Most existing underground parking lots are also applied as fluorescent lights. If you are a landlord, I think that replacing LED lighting with long life and energy saving effect is a way of saving power. The power saving effect is fully realized by the solution such as the monitoring control of the lighting status of the underground parking lot of the central monitoring panel, the control of the schedule control and the right control, the control by the room sensor, Is guaranteed.

Works with EnOcean Switch (wireless switch).
This switch is a practical wireless switch that does not require power and communication lines.
Electric energy is generated due to the operation of the switch itself, so that no separate power source is required
Using this wireless switch and wireless dimming module, it is easy and simple to install the lighting control device in the office or meeting room of the existing building. The existing fluorescent lamp and tumbler switch can be removed and installation can be done without wiring at the location. It is possible to control LED lamp individually, group control, scene control and brightness.

Application for Parking Lot
Recently, the LED Lighting has become legally enforced in major government offices & buildings therefore it's control concept has spread widely.
The brightness control by body detecting sensor.
The Forwarding Lighting Control that can control the brightness of Lighting in the direction of the vehicle's path.
The Group Lighting Control by Time Zone.
Manual Remote Lighting Control from Guard room or Management Room.

Forwarding Lighting Control
Set the Lighting Group By Section (Ex, 1 Group, 2 Group).

When motion is detected, the Photo of Lighting Group will be ON by predict the motion signal
of another Lighting Group

Adjust the brightness of Lighting Group in reverse order when the motion detection signal disappears.