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On & Off System

Application Solution for On & Off System
Our On & Off System can control your building with various control modules such as ON/OFF Control module and DALI & WIRELESS DIMMING MODULE. In particular, a simple control system can be configured with a smart phone APP. program to from a lighting control system Control your building with a variety of control modules, smart switches and wireless system.
We pursue the perfection and convenience for our Full Lighting Control System. We have created the new storm in the lighting control market and it surprise the world-wide market with our new lighting control system.
Each control panel, switches, sensor modules and dali master are classified as device and this device is granted with address for 001 ~ 999 to operate it.
The groundbreaking specification of our On & Off System is configured with same communication protocol for every of our device and it has Hardware Address.
The Relay Modules, Sensor Input Modules, Program Switches, DALI Masters for Control are all connected by the same communication protocol also it is possible to connect each module by at least 001 to 999 to achieve reliable network.
If the number of control points increase, the communication becomes heavy and the communication becomes unstable.
In order not to lose such reliability, we have created the unified standard for each device for standardized result.
Stand alone controller : each relay module has independent CPU internal and it allows continuous control even the other devices & central monitoring devices are disabled.
There are several types of relay modules that can be operated in the On & Off System. 6sRM (6 Relay Module), 4sRM(4 Relay Module), 4eRM(4 Elec. Sensing Relay Module), 6eRM(6 Elec. Sensing Relay Module). All of these relay modules have the Stand-alone controller function. Even if the central monitoring device , communication device and other relay module becomes disabled, the program stored in this relay module’s cpu is controlled by this program unless it is deleted. The contents of the program in included with schedule control, group & pattern control, preset event control and control of corresponding relays by the sensor. The special feature is that GLOBAL Link control is also possible. In TLC & SLC System, the GLOBAL Interlocking Control is possible by the SLINK but from the On & Off System, the GLOBAL Interlocking Control is possible without SCU. In other words, lets say there are 3 EA of Relay Modules are connected by the communication line, and the SCU (Communication Device) is disabled but the communication line is established. The 3EA Relay Modules are capable of pre-programmed control and when the sensor event signal is triggered, the 3 EA of Relay Modules will operate at the same time. This is the True Stand-alone function.
The ON/OFF & Dimming System can be integrated in our On & Off System.
The on/off control is controlled by the 20 ampere latching relay and the led dimming control is controlled by the dali dimming module & wireless dimming module and recently this configuration is the standard concept for the dimming system. The database is needed to be configured by the software program and in order to control remote control for each relay and dimming module individually and in groups, communication protocol with each hardware device and interface development for each device in software should be preceded. Our smartrol v 3.1 (GS certification and BTL certification) has already enabled various programs for such devices. The ELC System is configured as a convenient operating in various forms such for DB configuration, program setting, data transmission and gathering information for local site status. Therefore, our On & Off system can be operated with ON/OFF and Dimming function together and it is already been approved as the Excellent System in World-Wide Market.
It has self-diagnosis function for convenient maintenance.
The latching relay has auxiliary contact point and its role is very important. When the relay is actually in operation, the relay status will be transferred to the monotirng software via this auxiliary contact point. If this auxiliary contact point is not in operation, the monitoring software will show the relay status as failure or disable by the self-diagnosis function. Also the dali dimming module is operated as same function. Monitoring the status of the different modules attached to a number of LED fixture is an important factor The ability to judge the failure of each LED Fixture from the monitoring software has now become the most important point.
MODBUS SCU & Smart-Phone App Program
The Modbus communication device is ready and can be easily interfaced with other systems that support Modbus. Also, the smart-phone app with the server and without the server can be operated with low cost to configure the system without any computer and software.
It is easy to adapt to new it technology by enabling continuous technology development.
Our technology development ability is outstanding. Although our company is small and medium-sized company we do have organizations and professional employees as Lighting Control professionals. Along with the newly changing technology of the IT market, our lighting control technology is also developing. The wireless dimming module used a Zigbee Chip and we have developed the smart-phone app program using the JAVA Language. Our On & Off system is very easy to integrate with this new it technology.Having a source and algorithm of hardware and software, we can easily adapt to the integration of new technologies.